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Nearly 400 Egyptian citizens are missing after the devastating flooding in the Libyan city of Derna, Immigration and Egyptians Minister Soha al-Gendi said.

According to the member of the government in Cairo, the establishment of the number and identity of the victims is a difficult process. So far, in cooperation with Libyan authorities, 87 Egyptians have been confirmed dead. 391 citizens remain missing.

350,200 Egyptians live in Libya, according to the immigration ministry. Of these, about 150,<> are located in the eastern part of the country, and <>,<> - in the west.

Cairo sent tons of humanitarian aid, engineering equipment and rescue teams to areas affected by the natural disaster. In the town of Salum, which is located near the Libyan border, two field hospitals have been established.

The helicopter carrier Mistral also serves as a field hospital, while another Egyptian army ship joined the search for wounded people and the bodies of the dead.

Flood death toll in Libyan city of Derna rises to 11,300