According to his speech to "Sputnik", the eyewitness said that "the height of the water was between 50 and 60 meters in some areas," noting that some people saw it reached this limit.He continued: "There are people who say that it was between 10 and 15 meters, but it came impulsively with each other strongly."He continued: "This is the valley in front of you in which floodwaters were distributed between east and west, and this caused great damage to the residents who entered the water while they were sleeping." Eastern Libya, last week, and caused the collapse of the dams of the city of Derna, which led to floods sweeping entire neighborhoods in the city, while reports indicated that it caused the disappearance of a quarter of them.The two dams are located south of Derna, and each is about 40 meters high, before collapsing, and their combined storage capacity reaches 24 million cubic meters of water.This means that the collapse of the two dams caused a huge amount of water to rush towards the city, causing unprecedented human losses in the history of Libya, It included more than 3,200 dead and thousands injured, in addition to the displacement of tens of thousands from the city and other areas, including Sousse, Al-Marj and Al-Bayda.The Libyan unity government announced the allocation of more than $ 500 million for reconstruction operations in cities affected by the floods in the east of the country, while the United Nations envoy to Libya, Abdullah Batelli, considered the scale of the disaster due to the floods in the eastern city of Derna, "unprecedented in the history of the country."