Zhang Jixiao, a doctor of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, was deceived into engaging in telephone and online fraud at the KK Park on the Myanmar border on August 2022, 8, and was finally rescued after being trapped for more than 16 year. In order to avoid more people being defrauded by telecommunications, Zhang Jixiao published two materials obtained from the fraud gang, one was a 1-page 16,1-word "learning of business expertise", and the other was a "chat example", and Hong Kong 1000 contacted Zhang Jixiao to obtain the complete content of exclusive public teaching materials to prevent more people from being deceived.

Zhang Jixiao introduced to "Hong Kong 01" that the customer groups of his trapped fraud companies are rich middle-aged and elderly men, such as the company's president, chairman and CEO, who tend to choose high-end white-collar women when choosing a mate, so they will be set as "lively and cheerful, single or divorced female white-collar workers in their 30s" when fraudulent; The 21 chat examples taught them how to get these customers into a money trap step by step through conversation. Mr. Cheung also shared with "Hong Kong 01" 5 key anti-deception points to warn the public not to be deceived.

In the chat content example, the person in the scam park will first send a selfie, and the "Hong Kong 01" reporter did not find a similar picture after searching for pictures on Google, presumably it should be drawn by AI, and Mr. Zhang said that there were thousands of similar pictures. (Provided by interviewee)

16 pages 12 professional knowledge Create the perfect female persona

The 16-page "Learning of Business Expertise" document covers 12 "teachings", including learning various cryptocurrency knowledge, understanding the operation of various social software, professional packaging of personal resumes, customer screening, chat skills and other aspects.

Most of the professional knowledge that needs to be learned is related to finance, such as "what is cryptocurrency" and "comparison of countries' views on cryptocurrencies". In addition to learning financial knowledge, you also need to learn "P-charts", "software applications" and create "character settings" for yourself.

The people of the park should present themselves as "analysts" or professional elites who "have many artists or politicians". Starting from the name requirement of "simple and elegant", to the age background of "divorced high-educated female white-collar (OL) in her 30s", to "imagine yourself as a high-end woman who is about 170 cm tall and weighs about 50 kg", and even have to memorize birthday zodiac signs, family members, ancestral home, property and other aspects.

16 pages 12 scam business expertise:


The reporter of "Hong Kong 01" found that the "learning of business professional knowledge" document also wrote such a sentence, "First of all, we must know that our customer group is biased towards middle-aged and elderly people, men are only one characteristic, always like to be young, but not too young, because 32 to 40 women have the most taste, women at this stage, will do anything, and will not do anything."

Scam gangs require people in the park to dress up as female white-collar workers. (Visual China)

Packaging temperament women, seducing lecherous men: 21 chat examples to lure into the trap

Among the 21 screenshots of "chat examples", clause 7 starts with "say hello", saying that customers should be curious through good opening remarks. For example, send beautiful photos and greet and compliment to customers, because no one will refuse a compliment from a beautiful, literate person.

The "Chat Example" material released by Zhang Jixiao uses 21 screenshots of chats to specifically show how fraud gangs chat with middle-aged and elderly men through the identity of "temperamental women", and then introduce them into the trap of financial fraud. Mr Cheung said that in order to gain the trust of victims, "trying to get away with it" is a commonly used scam.

A sample chat obtained by Hong Kong 01 shows the scammers claiming to be Anna, who first exchanged "photos" with the other party and opened the chatterbox with "I've been wondering what you American men think of Asian women." In subsequent chats, Anna will "inadvertently" ask the other party's living situation, including age, work, marital status, property status, living environment, etc.


When asked about her occupation, Anna identified herself as an employee at a network technology company in California's Silicon Valley, managing the company's systems and data updates or maintenance. She said that her marriage failed, and after the divorce, her uncle arranged to work in the United States.

In the chat, she mentioned that many people have no income during the pandemic, and even starve their wives and children, but fortunately she has the habit of saving and can withdraw cash from the bank at any time when the crisis strikes to solve problems.

Anna revealed that her father was a construction contractor and that she and her friends had invested in running a beauty salon. She also shared her savings habits, such as putting 20% of her monthly income in the bank as a family reserve, and handing 50% to her "uncle" to help invest, creating an image of a safe financial situation. When Anna learned that the other party was making retirement investments, she tried to discuss it with the other party, but the other party finally refused with "it's time to sleep".

The purpose of the chat is to learn about the victim's financial situation? Mr. Zhang: If you don't have money, you won't talk about it

The teaching materials in the scam park mention "logical thinking that either doesn't open and open for three years", requiring customers to be screened, ignoring the "loser" to leave time to high-end groups. At the same time, make archival notes on each customer's information to avoid confusion.

Mr. Zhang explained that in the chat demonstration, the scammer disguised himself as a woman and asked the other party, "I saw a lot of beautiful flowers in your photos, did you grow them yourself?" This is to judge the living environment of the other party.

Mr. Zhang explained that in the chat demonstration, the scammer disguised himself as a woman and asked the other party, "I saw a lot of beautiful flowers in your photos, did you grow them yourself?" This is to judge the living environment of the other party. (Provided by interviewee)

Mr. Zhang said: "Talking about work is to get the personal information of the deceived, talk about his own work, and the deceived person must also talk about his own situation, you can judge whether he has money, and if he has no money, he will directly throw it away."

According to the photos sent by the customer himself, if the rich person, the environment he lives in, the car he drives, these can judge whether he has money, so to test, this is judged by experience.

Once trust is established, it can shift from emotional topics to financial investment, and the purpose of the fraud gang in the early stage is basically achieved, and then it can "cut (kill) customers".

The last step: Refer to your next of kin

In addition to creating a perfect personality for yourself, the 12 teachings edit and set their ancestral home, family background, and friendship situation. And tell customers that the most beautiful place is that where the lover is, we are, where the parents are, and where the happiness is, to gain trust.

And this can be when the chat with the customer is hot, suddenly stop the chat, and after a while tell the customer: "Sorry, just now my teacher, suddenly told me, there is a good market, let me trade, you see, how much money I made." Mr. Zhang introduced that this is the most common way to "cut customers".

Scam gangs require people in the park to dress up as female white-collar workers. (Visual China)

"Cutting customers" is to start guiding customers to invest. Will talk about the economic situation by, for example, sharing news, and then further talk about whether the customer has done investment problems, will look at the customer's reaction, if his response is good, directly guide him to invest, if not good, continue to talk about feelings.

Mr. Zhang pointed out that usually when they make up identities, they also create the image of a "close relative", which can be an uncle, aunt, uncle, etc.

Mr. Zhang said: "Because our salesman is only responsible for talking about feelings and gaining the trust of customers, when talking about financial investment later, he will tell the customer that he does not know this aspect, and he can introduce his uncle or aunt, so that his uncle and aunt will explain the knowledge of investment to them and refer them to the role of uncle or aunt."

Once enough trust has been established with the victim, park personnel will prepare to "cut the customer" and refer it to her next of kin to facilitate the scam of money. (Provided by interviewee)

Mr. Zhang: Be careful when it comes to managing your finances

Mr. Zhang pointed out that scammers would chat with several victims at the same time. After a large number of conversations, fraudsters will take the victim's work, address and other information, and sort out the characteristics of each victim to mark, in this process, to determine whether the other party is rich, whether it is easy to be deceived, the theoretical document specifically requires fraudsters to keep in mind or not open, open for three years of logical thinking.

Mr. Zhang said that in the process of chatting with the victim, he did not talk about these topics of investment and finance for a long time, that is, he only talked about hobbies and interests, and after gaining emotional trust, he would mention investment matters, and would not take the initiative to invite customers to invest, but only said how much money he had earned by investing, so that he kept hanging customers and letting him take the bait himself.

Mr. Zhang pointed out that in fact, the routine is not new, but after accurately targeting the target customers, it is their common strategy to dispel the vigilance of the victims by "wanting to get away with the trouble".

Mr. Zhang reminded that if the other party mentioned that she has rich relatives or friends, or topics related to investment, "this should be vigilant."

Everyone in the park has to test the training content Mr. Zhang: If you can't remember it, you will be fined

Mr. Zhang said that the learning document he shared is a relatively new version in August, and the teaching materials will be updated at any time, "Fraudsters also continue to learn new knowledge every day, including those anti-fraud things promoted in China, they will read and improve for those."

Mr. Zhang pointed out that the scam park gangs will ask them to look at it for a period of time every day, "and after a long time, they will slowly write it down." If you can't remember it, the company will pen it, and they also have the exam, according to the content of the training above, list the questions, and then answer them on the test paper."

Mr. Zhang said that the fraud gang pays special attention to the details of the chat, "because if the details are not done well, it is easy to show the stuffing." As "real" is repeatedly mentioned in the 12 scam teachings, KK Park is using these teachings to package scammers into exquisite shells of "real three-dimensional people".

Finally, Mr. Zhang shared 5 key points to prevent deception and warn the public to beware of being deceived:

1. In online chat, if the other party uses photos of beautiful women or handsome guys, you should be vigilant and carefully verify. Even if the other party sends a voice or video, it may be fake, because AI simulation technology is already widely used in the fraud industry.

2. Scammers usually make up some tragic stories, such as emotional experiences, deception experiences, etc., to gain the sympathy and trust of the victims.

3. Scammers will show off their wealth by sending photos of luxury houses, luxury cars, famous watches, luxury goods, showing golf, skiing, diving and other hobbies, creating a high-end persona.

4. During the chat, the other party mentions that they or their relatives and friends have made investments, and they need to be extra cautious when using expert guidance, system vulnerabilities, etc. to obtain huge profits.

5. Scammers often deliberately create a sense of mystery and do not actively promote products to arouse the curiosity of the victims.

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