Near Kherson, on September 19, Ukrainian fighters launched a precise strike on the headquarters of the 7th Airborne Division, as a result of which many Russian officers were killed.

This was reported by the Telegram channel of the Cheka-OGPU with reference to sources.

According to the source, many officers were previously killed, the exact number of victims is carefully concealed. At the time of the shelling, the paratroopers were planning daily.

The strike on the headquarters of the 7th division was also confirmed by the head of the organization of veterans of this unit, Yevgeny Khanin. An audio with his comment appeared on the channel.

"There was a strike on another command post. Today. There are losses. But this is a war, there are constant losses. That's life. There's no escaping it. From time to time, there is shelling," Khanin says in a short audio.

The administrators of the channel recalled that the other day it became known about the liquidation of the former deputy commander of the 7th Airborne Assault Division from Novorossiysk, Colonel Andrei Kondrashkin. And in the first days of Russia's full-scale invasion of the Ukraine, the Defense Forces of Ukraine sent the commander of this division, Andriy Sukhovetsky, to hell. The occupier's car was fired upon with mortars.

A day earlier, on September 18, the enemy attacked the positions of Ukrainian fighters, trying to regain their lost positions in the area of Andriivka, Robotyne and Klishchiivka.