President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky is confident in the country's victory. He named the advantages of the Armed Forces of Ukraine over the Russian army.

He said this in an interview with CBS.

"His (the enemy - ed.) Weakness is the Soviet system, it is not as communicative as ours. His weakness is a great distrust of all his military, intelligence officers, etc. They make decisions later. Yes, they can be very dangerous, but they are slower than us. Therefore, our advantage is motivation, because this is our home. And the second advantage is that we are much faster. Therefore, there is no time to lose, because time is our weapon," he said.

When asked about military operations in winter, he said that Ukraine could not waste time.

"I keep telling all our partners - we can't waste time, forget about the weather, etc. Where we can't go in an armored car, let's fly. Where we can't fly, let's launch drones. Where we can't use drones, let's strengthen and try something, conduct special operations with our Special Operations Forces or intelligence," he added.

Earlier, Zelenskyy said that progress in the counteroffensive is slow, but assures that Ukrainian troops are advancing. According to him, the front line has now turned into an artillery duel, where the Russians are firing 40,000 shells a day for Ukrainians. The drone war has also slowed progress.