President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky arrived in the United States. The plane with the head of state landed at the airport in New York.

This was announced by the president on Telegram.

Immediately from the airport, he went to Ukrainian soldiers who are in America for treatment and rehabilitation.

"First of all, the support of our people and gratitude to those who help Ukraine and Ukrainians," Zelenskyy added.

Next, the president has an important and busy schedule of events and meetings.

Zelensky will visit the UN General Assembly, the Sustainable Development Goals Summit, and the Security Council.

According to him, important bilateral meetings will take place.

"The territorial integrity of the state is a key principle of all basic international documents, in particular the UN Charter. And it is necessary to return to it the full force destroyed by the Russian invasion and increase the UN's ability to stop and prevent aggression. Ukraine will make a clear proposal to the UN members in this regard," he said.

And in Washington, Zelensky will meet with US President Joe Biden, with the leaders of the houses and parties of Congress, and the military leadership.

"I will meet with American business, journalists, and the community. Thank you for the leadership of the United States in supporting our struggle for freedom and independence," Zelenskyy said.

Recall that the meeting of the presidents of the United States and Ukraine is to take place on September 21. The Ukrainian leader may also address the U.S. Congress.

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