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Tensions in the country have risen as expected, but there is already a tragic case! Mass protests by grain producers across the country took the first victim.

A woman was killed in a car crash earlier today.

The accident happened about half an hour ago, on the road between Mezdra and Roman, before Kosmatitsa. Due to the blockade in the area of the runway near Byala Slatina, all traffic today is redirected from there, BulNews specifies.

Protesting farmers vowed: 'They don't know what storm is coming from the wind they sowed'

However, most drivers do not know the route, and the extremely intense traffic has contributed to the tragedy.

The car in which the woman was riding was self-crashing. There is still no information on what exactly he crashed into.

The victim is about 60 years old.

The road is closed, and long queues of cars have already formed in both directions.

There are police at the scene.


A serious accident with a victim

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