Kirby said, at a press conference on the participation of the United States in the United Nations General Assembly: "Ukraine continues its progress in the counterattack," and did not provide the data on which to rely in making such estimates.Meanwhile, Kirby said that US President Joe Biden expects to hear about the situation on the battlefield from Vladimir Zelensky, during a meeting in Washington, next Thursday.The Ukrainian counteroffensive began, on the fourth of last June, and three months later, Russian President Vladimir Putin stated: "The counteroffensive has not only stopped, it is a failure." According to him, in attempts to "achieve a result at any cost", Ukraine lost 71.5 thousand soldiers, as if "these are not its people".According to Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, the Ukrainian armed forces did not achieve their goals in any of the areas.Of the 18,2 units of Ukrainian Armed Forces equipment destroyed, they were German Leopard tanks, French AMX tanks, at least one British infantry fighting vehicle Challenger 543 and the American Bradley combat vehicle. <> tanks were destroyed - it was supposed to be the main strike force of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, but, as the Russian president pointed out, it is now "burning beautifully".Against this background, the United States stated that the offensive would continue for months, and began supplying the Ukrainian Armed Forces with cluster munitions. For his part, Putin noted that the supply of "cluster munitions" has changed nothing on the battlefield for the Ukrainian armed forces.