September 19, 2023 is Tuesday. 573rd day of the war in Ukraine.

What is tomorrow, September 19, a church holiday

September 19 in the church calendar is the day of remembrance of the martyrs Trophimus, Savvaty and Dorymedon. They suffered for their faith in Christ at the time when Probus was emperor (276-282). Once upon a time, a pagan festival was taking place in the city of Antioch. Trophimus and Savvaty came there and began to pray to the Lord to guide the pagans to the path of truth. They were immediately seized and brought before the governor. During the interrogation, the men resolutely stood by their faith and refused to renounce Jesus Christ. Because of the cruel tortures, Savvaty died, and Trofim was sent to another city for even greater torment. For three days Trofim walked, shod in iron boots with sharp nails. When he got there, he was thrown into prison. There he was secretly visited by the Christian Dorymedon, who was a senator in the city. Dorymedont washed his wounds, but Trophim's tormentors found out about the senator's treachery and also threw him into prison. When the martyrs once again refused to renounce the Lord, they were whipped with the sword.

What not to do on this day

Folk signs and traditions for September 19

Among our ancestors there were many interesting omens for this day:

On September 19, there are a lot of acorns on the oak tree - next year the bread will yield well / Photo: Pexels

Saints Trophimus, Savvaty and Dorymedont were popularly considered the patrons of bees and beekeepers. On this day, it was customary to prepare hives for winter, to collect honey. Beekeepers even arranged the so-called "honey holiday", during which they always treated neighbors and relatives with honey. In the morning, they ate a spoonful of honey on an empty stomach. It was believed that it would help improve health.

Weather on September 19

Tomorrow, September 19, it is clear in Kyiv, no precipitation is expected. In Lviv it is cloudy, without precipitation. In Kharkiv, it is clear in the morning and evening, in the afternoon the sky will be covered with clouds, no precipitation is expected. In Odesa it is clear, without precipitation.

The air temperature in Kyiv is +26 during the day and +15 at night. In Lviv, it is +23 during the day and +15 at night. In Kharkiv, it is +23 during the day and +14 at night. In Odesa — +24 during the day and +18 at night.

Memorable dates: September 19

Calendar of important events in Ukraine and the world on September 19:

Name day: how to name a child born on September 19

What are tomorrow's name days: Arkhip, David, Kiryk, Cyril, Makar, Mikhail.

The talisman of an individual born on the 19th day of September is the heliotrope. The stone has been known to mankind since ancient times, the first mention of it appeared in an Egyptian papurus in the first millennium BC. It was believed that heliotrope helps to cure inflammation, colds, and improve well-being after a protracted illness.

Born on this day:

What a day tomorrow is in Ukraine and the world

On September 19, Ukraine and the world celebrate the birthday of the smiley / Photo: Pexels

On September 19, Ukraine and the world celebrate the birthday of the smiley. The history of the pictogram, which consists of letters, numbers and punctuation marks, began in 1963 in the United States. Then the famous artist Harvey Bell painted a smiling face, which later became the symbol of the insurance company. But the real emoji on the Web was created in 1982 by Scott Fahlman, who invited his colleagues to use a specific sequence of signs in correspondence to show their emotions. The symbols resembled a smiling face.

Also September 19 . This holiday was created in the USA, in the state of Oregon. In 1995, Mark Summers and his best friend John Baur were playing racquetball in their hometown of Allmany and accidentally used pirate slang. It seemed quite interesting to them, so they decided to create a comic holiday "Talk like a pirate", when they used the image of a sea robber. Initially, the holiday was quite modest, but in 2002, the famous publicist Dave Barry wrote a separate article about this celebration, which he published in the magazine. The day became popular and soon grew into an international one.