Accidents happen every day.

People are facing a lot of trouble due to lack of proper work on bridge construction and diversion. At least 45 villagers here are facing problems due to the construction of a bridge over the Gunjari river passing near Silk Wali Mata on the Bhadota Rannod road under Kolaras sub-division near Sindh river and Gunjari river, about 40 km from the district headquarters.

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At least 40 more villagers are facing problems

There have been many accidents.

This area is famous as Silk Wali Mata and there is often a lot of devotees here and during this time people have a lot of trouble in commuting here. There have also been many accidents. Despite this, neither the construction of the culvert was expedited nor this diversion was repaired. Though the culvert has to be completed by 2024 as per rules, the number of villagers passing through the road in the area shows how important it is to build the culvert soon. About 40 to 50 villagers have to pass through this route. During this time, by looking at the movement, you can also guess how high the number of people passing through here is.

Here people have a lot of trouble in commuting

Many times the cars get stuck.

Both the black soil of agriculture and the flow of the river have turned the soil into a swamp and due to this, the vehicles passing through here are often trapped in the soil here. During this time, the villagers and the people coming and going have to face a lot of trouble.

This area is famous as The Mother of Silk

If the bridge is taking time, then why is the diversion not right..?

According to the roadside board, the work is to be completed by 2024. Despite this, the diversion has not been worked on and there are about 40 to 50 villages that have to go to the district headquarters through this route. Meanwhile, due to the temple of Silk Wali Mata, devotees keep coming here often.

The villagers are facing problems.

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The villagers are facing problems.

Due to this bridge being built about 45 km from Shivpuri district headquarters, there are big villages like Bhadota, Isagarh, Ranod Khareh, silkwali mata, Deharda, Kolaras Katvaya, Mubarakpur, which are connected to this area and are directly related to this road. Apart from this, the villagers of other small villages are also forced to struggle to pass through here.

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