The Russian Defense Ministry said on Telegram that "drones were intercepted over the western, southwestern, northwestern and eastern regions of Crimea, the Astra (west) and Domodedovo (south) regions of the Moscow region, and the Belgorod and Voronezh regions (southwest)."

The ministry did not specify the number of planes destroyed, nor did it disclose any damage or casualties so far.

"The production workshops at the Kharkiv armor plant where armored vehicles of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are repaired and restored, have come under missile attack," the ministry statement added.

Earlier, the head of the Ukrainian military administration in Kharkiv, Oleg Sinegopov, had reported on Telegram that a facility in the city was hit by "4 S-300 guided missiles, causing a fire."

Kharkiv and the region of the same name are located south of Russia's Belgorod.

On Sunday, Russian air defenses shot down a Ukrainian drone over the Moscow region, and six other drones were heading towards Crimea.

The frequency of Ukrainian drone attacks targeting Russian territory has increased since Kiev began its counteroffensive in June.