The secure electronic service system – this system has been operating for several years, 11,000 companies have been registered. What is new is that electronic service will relieve all conscientious drivers. Alexander Yolovski has a Master's degree in Political Science from Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski". Clement on Nova TV.

Anyone who has a peak of the NSSI or the NRA can register.

He shared personal experience with handing over a ticket in which nine police patrol cars failed to serve him with a speeding ticket.

"The system is not yet fully ready, but when it is completed, everyone will have information in their profile about all their offenses on the road," he said.

"The information about the vaccination of students is in the NHIF. Our plans are to plan migration for this information by the end of the year so that it can be accessible at the beginning of next year, "the minister said.

Minister Alexander Yolovsky: They will stop the misuse of false notes

On the occasion of the children's apology notes, he clarified: "If a child falls ill today and cannot go today or tomorrow, the examination will be registered on the day of the doctor's visit, but the previous days will be excused. The system accepts the review on the day it is carried out, and it is advisable to go earlier rather than postpone, but we have considered the delay not to be a blocking factor."

On electronic workbooks, he stressed: "All those who have started our working careers after 2001 will automatically receive all their information in the electronic workbook. It will use the available data in the NRA."

Alexander Yolovsky


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