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"The Netherlands is among the founding members of the European Union and the rule of law is its fundamental value. There is no tendentious attitude towards Bulgaria. The Netherlands is trying to be fair." This was commented by Hristina Karageorgieva. She has been living in the Netherlands for 20 years, and before that she was a journalist at Radio Bulgaria of the Bulgarian National Radio.

He added: "Fifteen years ago, we were given a geopolitical gesture to be accepted ahead of schedule with Romania. Although with something like quarantine, such as special surveillance. But with the condition that we will catch up. It happened that over the years the EU has used almost all non-punitive methods to push Bulgaria to progress in problem areas. Schengen became the emergency brake. The other in a worse development is a loss of confidence, infringement procedures, suspension of membership."

Stefan Yanev on Schengen: The real reasons are not in what is said

In the show "12+3" she stressed that the Schengen criteria are a superstructure of the Copenhagen ones for EU membership, they do not replace them, which means that without rule of law and control of corruption there can be no free movement of people, because in the absence of border controls this means a threat to European security. "We need a report that objectively shows that Bulgaria has implemented all the recommendations, that it views responsibilities with the necessary seriousness."


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