In the United States, 51-year-old Russian citizen Maxim Marchenko was arrested, accused of conspiracy to commit fraud and crimes related to smuggling and money laundering.

This is stated in the message of the press service of the US Department of Justice.

The report indicates that the Russian used a network of shell companies as part of a smuggling network that was used for illegal delivery in Russia. U.S. dual-use technology with military applications.

The US Department of Justice stated that a citizen of the Russian Federation participated in the illegal procurement of military-grade microelectronics that were supplied to Russia.

The National Security Department of the Ministry of Justice said that the arrest of the Russian once again reinforces the US commitment to resist Russian aggression in Ukraine, as well as to prevent illegal exports.

Earlier, it was reported that the Russian army at the front in winter will face the problem of supplying its troops with everything they need.

In addition, we previously reported that Russia buys and imports drones and microcircuits for missiles through Kazakhstan.

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