American billionaire Elon Musk, who has repeatedly been involved in international scandals, criticized the Ukrainian counteroffensive. He said that Ukraine allegedly lost "a lot of people for small de-occupied territories."

He wrote about this on his social network X (formerly Twitter).

American economist and businessman Devda Sachsa published a map of ISW's Ukrainian counteroffensive and cynically wrote: "Ukraine's territorial gains from their much-vaunted counteroffensive (highlighted in blue) are so meager that they are barely visible on the map."

Under this post, Elon Musk left a comment: "So much death for so little."

On the page of the American economist, there are many posts that criticize the current government and US officials, as well as the war in Ukraine, stating that it is "the United States is fueling the war between Ukraine and the Russian Federation." A number of his posts repeat the narratives of Russian propaganda.

To recap, the United States will investigate the activities of Starlink due to Musk's refusal of Ukraine's request.

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