This comes amid mounting calls from residents to reveal the results of investigations into the disaster and hold those responsible to account, as well as the rapid start of the reconstruction process.

There was talk of corruption that was behind the disaster that hit Derna, against the backdrop of heavy rains caused by Storm Daniel.

The build-up of rainwater led to the collapse of two dams in the small town, which were reported to have not been maintained for decades.

Commentators have drawn attention to previous warnings of the fragility of the dams, including in academic research published last year by a water science specialist, which highlighted the possibility of flooding in the city and the urgent need to maintain the dams that protect it.

The total death toll has yet to be determined, with thousands still missing, while the death toll reported by Libyan officials and UN figures has wide variation.

Protests and demands

  • On Monday, hundreds protested in Derna to express anger at the authorities, demanding accountability for those responsible, a week after thousands of residents of the city were killed in floods that flattened entire neighborhoods.
  • The protest marks the first large demonstration since the flash floods.
  • Protesters have demanded unity in a country torn apart by power struggles and security chaos for more than 10 years.
  • Mansour, a student participating in the protest, told Reuters he wanted an urgent investigation into the collapse of the dams.
  • Taha Muftah, 39, said the protest was a message that governments had failed to manage the crisis and called for an international investigation into the disaster and internationally supervised reconstruction.