German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius announced a new military aid package for Ukraine in the amount of 400 million euros.

The minister said this in an interview with Bild.

"Our assistance is comprehensive. In addition to providing support with weapons and materials, we train Ukrainian soldiers in Germany. By the end of the year, there will be 10 thousand of them. In Ramstein, for example, we are checking whether we can provide more support with training," he said.

Boris Pistorius said that Germany supplies Ukraine with additional ammunition: high-explosive, mortar, mine-missile.

"Ammunition is what Ukraine needs most to defend itself against a brutal war of aggression. In addition, we will help with protected vehicles and demining systems. But we also take care of the approaching winter: we will send clothes, as well as electricity and heat generators. In total, the package will amount to 400 million euros," Boris Pistorius said.

Regarding the Taurus missiles, Pistorius said: "It is the duty of the entire federal government to weigh every arms shipment very carefully. Various political, legal, military and technical aspects need to be clarified."

"It's not easy," Pistorius added.

When asked by a journalist about concerns about Ukraine's use of the Taurus with its 500-kilometer range to strike targets in Russia, Pistorius replied: "There are procedures for this. We are contractually regulating with the Ukrainians how to use the supplied weapons systems."

Recall that the Taurus is part of the family of German-Swedish long-range air-to-ground cruise missiles. The missile is designed for high-precision strikes and destruction of highly protected and deepened targets, including important point and extended objects, without the carrier aircraft entering the enemy's air defense zone.

Meanwhile, in the United States, Republican senators called on President Joe Biden to send ATACMS missile systems to Ukraine.

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