Alejandro Valdés.

The Cuban freestyle gladiator Alejandro Valdés, of the 65 kilograms (kg), lost today in the round of 32 in the World Wrestling Championship that hosts Belgrade, Serbia, until the next day 24.

Valdés, a double bronze medalist in world events, could not reach the knockout stages after falling 2-4 in a close fight with Abdulmazhid Kudiev, of Tajikistan, according to the official website of the competition.

Previously, the winner of the title at the recent Central American and Caribbean Games in San Salvador had debuted against Abudallah Assaf, of Palestine, whom he defeated 10-0 by technical superiority in the qualifying phase.

In the case of Valdés, he was the last of Cuba's libristas, in the male branch, with action in that strong fight that grants five tickets for each of the divisions to the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

The other two Cuban exponents in that modality could not pass their first duels and were eliminated in their debut.

This Sunday Arturo Silot, of the 92 kilos, equally golden in Salvadoran lands, fell with a slate of 2-5 against the Bulgarian Akhmed Adamovich Magamaev, so he could not advance to the knockout stages.

Something similar happened on Saturday to the first fighter who climbed the mattress for the Caribbean nation, Yurieski Torreblanca (86 kg).

Torreblanca, champion of the continental multisport event of Lima 2019 and Central Caribbean monarch in San Salvador, failed to overcome Dovletmyrat Orazgylyjov, from Turkmenistan, who came out victorious with a score of 4-0,

The largest of the Antilles is represented in that event by 11 athletes, a list completed by two women freestyle, are the cases of Yuneylis Guzmán (50 kg) and Milaymis Marín Potrillé (76 kg), who will compete tomorrow Tuesday.

In addition, there are six exponents of the classical specialty (Greco-Roman), a group that includes Kevin de Armas (60 kg), Luis Orta (67 kg), Yosvanys Peña (77 kg), Daniel Grégorich (87 kg), Gabriel Rosillo (97 kg) and Oscar Pino (130 kg).

Orta, Olympic gold medalist at Tokyo 2020, and Pino, owner of a silver metal and two bronzes in universal competitions, should be the biggest podium options for Cuba at the World Wrestling Championships based in Belgrade.

(Taken from ACN)