The US State Department said a few days ago that Washington had allocated only one million dollars to support relief in Libya.

"Today, as the people of eastern Libya continue to recover and rebuild from devastating floods, the United States will provide an additional $11 million to support local and international organizations in responding to their urgent humanitarian needs," Biden said in a statement posted by the White House on its official website.

He said the State Department and the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) would help coordinate the delivery of this aid to people who need it.

The United States will join the concerted efforts of other countries and nonprofits around the world to provide vital support to Libyans such as water, food, shelter and medical assistance, the White House statement said.

Biden stressed that the United States will continue to stand with the Libyan people in these difficult times.

He also stressed that the United States remains committed to supporting the political process leading to a free, united, and elected government in Libya.