On the Black Sea coast of Bulgaria, a NATO country, a drone with probably explosives was found.

This was reported by the Ministry of Defense of Bulgaria.

"Early this morning (September 18 - ed.) after reporting the found part of the drone with an object similar to ammunition attached to it. The modular formation of the neutralization of the naval base in Varna was activated," the statement said.

An object similar to a drone was discovered on the night of September 18 in the area of the boat pier in Tiulenovo, located near the Romanian border. In the morning at 6.10 a.m., a special group of five soldiers left to conduct reconnaissance of an unknown object.

"On the spot, a specialized group will conduct reconnaissance of the object, after which a decision will be made on where to dispose of it. The servicemen act after receiving a request from the regional governor of the Dobritsky region and by order of the head of defense," the defense ministry said.

Meanwhile, the Bulgarian publication Nova reports that the device is 3 to 3.5 meters long, and the bomb is about 50-60 cm. According to a witness, hotel guests saw a drone floating in the sea a few kilometers from the rocks, where it was filmed.

Former military pilot of the Bulgarian Armed Forces Spas Spasov believes that thediscovered drone is a kamikaze, and the weapon attached to it is a projectile.

To recap, the wreckage of Russian drones fell three times in Romania. NATO called these "accidental incidents" that could happen again.

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