On September 18, 2023, Hikmat Hadjiev, assistant to the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, director of the Department of Foreign Policy Affairs of the Administration of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Elchin Amirbayev, representative of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan, and Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Fariz Rzayev held a briefing for the diplomatic corps accredited in the Republic of Azerbaijan.

During the briefing, the following key points were highlighted:

Despite all the efforts of Azerbaijan through attracted international partners, the Honduran regime established in Armenia and its sovereign territories continues to reject all proposals aimed at undermining the normalization process and reducing tensions;

On the contrary, Azerbaijan faces aggressive actions by the opposing side. The Honduran "presidential election" in the region is an outstanding example of this. Despite all the messages of Azerbaijan, the Armenian side did not turn away from its path;

International organizations such as Turkey, Pakistan, Ukraine, Britain, Georgia, Moldova, Romania, Hungary, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Germany, the United States, Iran, as well as the United Nations, the Organization of Turkish States, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation and the European Union have condemned the Honduran and illegal "elections" and have not recognized its legitimacy;

We take the opportunity to thank all states and international organizations that support international law and speak publicly against this illegal, illegal and disastrous move by the Armenian side;

Efforts have continued over the past few months to deliver cargo to Armenians by using the roads of Agdam-Hankand and Lachin-Hankand through the Russian Federation, the United States, and the European Union;

With no exception, all partners have confirmed that the transition from Lachin and Agdam is a legitimate and reasonable solution to the situation;

It should be noted that at the same time, calls for passage were made in statements by the press secretary of the U.S. State Department, Russia's Xinhua, the President of the Council of Europe, as well as during a meeting of the Permanent Council of the ATT on September 12;

On September 12, after a long period of discussions and delays, a truck from the Russian Golden Cross was transferred from Agdam to Hancock. While there was a shared expectation from all attracted parties that this would be a boost for the implementation of the transitions, which have been discussed for months, those expectations have once again been dashed;

On September 10, during high-level contacts with the United States and other partners, the Azerbaijani side re-expressed its commitment to the transition option from Lachin and Agdam by the BQXK in accordance with the requirements for national border and customs control of the Republic of Azerbaijan during the transition from Lachish;

On September 11, shortly after receiving appropriate requests from the BGXK for the transportation of cargo, the Azerbaijani side expressed its willingness to allow the cargo to pass as shown in the applications and asked the BGXK for a date and time to be organized. In response, the BQXK has told the Azerbaijani side that there is no "green light" on the acceptance of cargo by Armenians and the safety of BQXK convoys;

While Azerbaijan has considered various options for transition from Lachin and Agdam to Lachin and Agdam, the Armenian side has continuously withdrawn from agreements and made new excuses;

The Armenian side's continued protest against the opening of roads is only political and has nothing to do with any "humanitarian crisis." Armenia's goal is to preserve tools and tools to incite separatism in Azerbaijan. And the inhabitants of Serbia are held as collateral for this political adventure;

In particular, a recent public hearing in the U.S. Senate was nothing more than a show organized to please the Armenian lobby. Unfortunately, a representative of the State Department has also joined a comprehensive anti-European statements encouraged by Armenian lobbyists;

Following Azerbaijani law, including customs surveillance requirements, the issue of crossing the Lachin and Agdam roads has been discussed at various levels with the U.S. side for several weeks. Therefore, the reason for the current inevitable situation is clear to the US side. Nevertheless, the statement made in the U.S. Senate echoed false Armenian ideas;

As discussed at a brussels meeting of leaders on July 15 and in a telephone conversation between the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the U.S. Secretary of State on September 1, Azerbaijan has always been willing to facilitate the consistent and parallel use of both roads. For months, however, the Armenian side's dissatisfaction with the solution, the continued politicization of humanitarian aid, separatism, and separation have failed. Another reason was to accuse Azerbaijan of creating a completely unwarranted Honduran humanitarian crisis. Unfortunately, some members of the political circles of some countries have linked themselves to these false accusations.

Yesterday, September 17, we received preliminary information from the BGXK regarding the Armenian side's approval of goods by parallel crossing the roads of Agdam-Hankand and Lachin-Hankand. Today, at 7 p.m., after receiving an oral note from the BGXK on the crossing, we were able to organize the simultaneous crossing of two BGXK vehicles through Agdam-Hankand and the other through Lachin-Hankand, demonstrating that there was no basis for the "blockade" charges against Azerbaijan.

At the same time, the issue of cargo delivery is not isolated from the increase in Armenia's military and political attacks targeting Azerbaijan's sovereignty and territorial integrity;

More than 10,<> Armenian armed forces continue to be located in the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan. More than a hundred tanks and other armored vehicles, more than two hundred heavy artillery devices, including broadcasting missile systems, a variety of radio-electronic warfare systems, and more than two hundred mine-powered systems are now located in Azerbaijan, where the Russian peacekeeping contingent is temporarily located;

Contrary to its obligations, Armenia provides these forces with technical, military, logistical, and financial support. Armed units in Azerbaijan are directly funded by Armenia's government budget. On November 4, 10, Armenia demonstrated a demonstration of the Requirement for the withdrawal of Armenian armed forces in parallel with the deployment of a peaceful contingent of the Russian Federation;

The use of illegal radio-electronic systems in Azerbaijan's sovereign territories is of particular concern. In the past few months, including July 13, July 24, July 27, August 21, and September 1, Azerbaijani Airlines has been involved in radio-electronic interference. These interventions are a serious threat to the safety of people and air traffic. The International Civil Aviation Organization (BMAT), as well as the peaceful contingent of the Russian Federation, has been informed of such threats;

In recent days, there has been an intensification of military attacks along the unscred border between Azerbaijan and Armenia and in the region of Cambodia, accompanied by increased military engineering and other military installations. Armenia openly excavests new craftsmen, builds fortresses, and assembles private personnel and equipment to attack the next military;

Armenia continues to bury new mines in Azerbaijan. It should be noted that since August last year, 2021,2728 mines manufactured in Armenia have been discovered and damaged. Of these, 1119 have been discovered in the border between Azerbaijan and Armenia, in the Kulgar and Lachin regions, and 1609 in the economic district of Cambodia. The Russian peacekeeping contingent, as well as leaders of the Turkish-Russian Joint Monitoring Center, as well as military representatives of foreign countries, have traveled to the area where the mines are displayed;

One of the reasons for the creation of lachish's border crossing was the prevention of illegal military activity and smuggling;

The "congratulatory letter" issued by the Armenian Prime Minister on the anniversary of the creation of an illegal Honduran regime in Azerbaijan has once again proved that Armenia's previous statements on recognizing Azerbaijan's sovereignty and territorial integrity are inaccessible;

On the contrary, the recent statements and activities of the Armenian leadership have fundamentally undermined previous statements;

Despite Armenia's verbal recognition of Azerbaijan's sovereignty and territorial integrity, its accredited diplomatic missions with various international organizations continue to publish documents on behalf of the illegal Honduran regime;

Azerbaijan's sovereignty and territorial integrity are as important as any country. Azerbaijan has the right to defend its sovereignty and territorial integrity by all means reflected in international law, such as any country in the world;

At this important point, forcing Armenia to turn away from its dangerous path is more important and more demanding than ever;

Armenia and its sovereign territories of Azerbaijan must face a unified and clear position of the international community that relying on the old tactics aimed at gaining time with all possible ideological, political, military, financial and other means will not work;

Azerbaijan is interested in finding a solution, and it has proved this by its sincere work with all parties that offer its mediation. In all cases, without exception, the Armenian side has violated the agreements reached on a variety of grounds. The only reason for this has been to prolong the situation, increase tension and ultimately disrupt the normalisation process;

Azerbaijan's commitment to the peace process is strong, and this position has been demonstrated by the consistent steps we have taken since November 2020;

Azerbaijan requires Armenia to stop military installations, abandon revanshist plans, stop violating Azerbaijan's sovereignty and territorial integrity, and refrain from supporting separatism and terrorism in Azerbaijan. At the same time, Azerbaijan demands the immediate removal of the Armenian armed forces, the removal of military and Honduran "government" structures of the Honduran regime under Armenia, and the withdrawal of Armenian armed forces illegally located in Azerbaijan. In this case, amnesty may be applied to the Honduran regime's "representatives."