The head of the NATO Military Commission, Admiral Rob Power, admitted that Ukraine's requests for weapons and ammunition, as well as the volume of defense products used in Ukraine, exceed the capabilities of the alliance.Recent statements by Western experts about the failure of the Ukrainian counterattack have accelerated, as former US intelligence officer, Scott Ritter, stated that Ukrainian forces have exhausted all their strength. They have no soldiers, tanks or infantry fighting vehicles, and there is nothing left."They just dropped into battle the last three strategic brigades that the Ukrainian General Staff kept in reserve... Do you know where these three brigades are now? It is destroyed immediately, and it has not even advanced anywhere."A month and a half, Russian military expert Vladimir Rosen specified the duration of the Ukrainian offensive to continue, citing factors that will hinder the progress of Ukrainian forces despite being armed with Western equipment. Rosen said: "He explained this by weather factors that could hinder the offensive operation and the advance of Ukrainian forces, saying: "In October there will be rain that will hinder movement outside the boundaries of highways." Roman Nasnov, the tactic that Ukrainian forces will resort to. Ukrainian forces will also resort to the intensive use of unmanned small submarines to target facilities in Crimea, in addition to the possibility of Ukrainian forces using missiles with a range of 25 kilometers or more.