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One of the scandals of the week - tensions rose after the decision of the authorities to lift the ban on grain imports from Ukraine. Grain producers will protest, and Prime Minister Denkov's statement yesterday that he "did not negotiate with terrorists" further motivated farmers.

Svetoslav Ilchovski does not hide that at the age of 20 he became a millionaire from grain production. It owns 130,90 acres of land in Bulgaria and about <>,<> acres. acres in Romania.

"Direct payments are limited to farmers, but we are paid "green payments" - to comply with green production practices, to protect the soil and to improve the land," Ilchovski, who is among the largest producers in the country, told Stoyan Georgiev.

Breeder Petar Petrov: The Nipplars never supported the other industries

According to him, Prime Minister Denkov's statement about "negotiations with terrorists" is stupid.

"Boyko Borisov slipped them to talk nonsense," he said.

"Sunflowers are not a stock crop. It is of manipulated value. It is given that there is an overproduction of sunflower, and there is none. Neither Ukrainian sunflower affects the price, nor ours. I know this sunflower is gone. The U.S. Department of Agriculture report has been manipulated. "This sunflower," he said.

"Ukrainian grain will not affect prices. The commercial price of the oil is currently manipulated. It should be about 2 leva, and it is more. I will not participate in the protests. Over the past three years, a big bubble has been created. Farmers were not prepared for managers who sold expensive tractors, for seeds that grow without moisture," Ilchovski added.

"The former prime minister misled them. Everything is controlled. The control has not stopped – sell cheaply, because the cheap comes from Ukraine - that's the idea. They have to sell below cost and are at a loss. They are at huge losses because of the expensive cost per acre. The price is not global. Sunflower is not on the stock exchange. There is no such thing in the world. It is determined that the price will be such and an end, "added the manufacturer.

"Tomorrow people who are screwed up will protest. The European subsidy is used for bidding between farmers. The rent per hectare is from 350 kilograms of grain to 600 kilograms per hectare under a calculation of current prices – they have far exceeded their business, "explained one of the largest producers.