In Dnipro, a naked man was spotted masturbating at a cemetery. The police have already drawn up a report on him.

This was reported in the local telegram channel. The video can be viewed here.

Residents of Dnipro reported that they saw a naked man on the territory of the Industrial Cemetery. There he masturbated. Locals say that this is not the first time the man has done this.

A video of a naked man engaged in self-pleasure was also published on the Web. Passers-by approached him and asked if "he was fine." After that, he began to run away into the bushes.

A naked man masturbated in a cemetery. / Photo: screenshot from the video

The police of the Dnipropetrovsk region confirmed this fact in a comment to the "Informant". Law enforcement officers noted that the identity of the hooligan was established and a report was drawn up against him.

Recall that in Odessa, a couple engaged in oral sex in the middle of the street. They did not react to the comments of passers-by and continued their intimacy.