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It will be long, but I hope he clarifies. Most of you read it, you know I'm a farmer. A farmer, but not from "those", but a livestock breeder and from a long time ago. First, do you notice that breeders, greenhouses, vegetable growers and fruit growers do not support the protest? This is because the so-called "grainers" never supported other industries. And besides not supporting them, they have been sucking up a huge part of the agricultural subsidies for almost 20 years. As a result, the grainers became less and less, but with larger and larger farms. And the other branches, the others we DISAPPEARED... This was written on Facebook by the representative of the National Association of Young Farmers Petar Iliev Petrov.

We all know that until two days ago there was a ban on imports from Ukraine. However, we do not all know that it was only for wheat, corn, sunflower and rapeseed. We (breeders) fought for a ban on the import of milk (in all its forms), but it was not suspended. Both directly and through third countries, the milk continued to flow to Bulgaria and to DRAVI the Bulgarian milk producers, he added.

Here we have to mention that at the moment feed prices are much better (for us) prices. But they are also comparable to global stock prices, the farmer says.

Why do grain producers take the harvesters out of the fields and are about to block Bulgaria?

I guess you all remember last summer's prices and how many farmers kept their grain for the purpose of SPECULATION because they promised them higher prices. And prices fell and just before harvest in Bulgaria there were hundreds of thousands of tons of last year's grain detained. What had to be sold before the harvest, the ban helped with this and now almost all over the country the harvest is in full swing, Petrov writes.

Last but not least. I understand that many small grain producers will be at a loss from this year's campaign. High costs and low yields determine that unfortunately it is the small producers who will bear the burden of lifting the Import Prohibition. Protests are always a good thing. They are an expression of civic self-awareness. But do not allow, because of the financial capacity of a group of people (to model public opinion) to divide us on another issue. I call for talks, I call for a vision to protect small and medium-sized farmers!! I do not believe that Ukrainian grain should enter Bulgaria unconditionally and uncontrollably. But in the end, farmers with 10,000+ acres and new tractors for BGN 500,000 will not leave Bulgaria's agriculture! They will leave the little ones, they will leave those who should defend in every way (we as a people!", says Petar Petrov.

"Be Bulgarians! Don't fight to lift or stay the ban. Fight for the preservation of Bulgarian small and medium-sized farmers, breeders and farmers!", urges the breeder.



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