This came in an interview with Norwegian political scientist Glenn Dessen, on his YouTube channel, in which he explained that the tactics of long-range strikes are the last card in the hands of the Ukrainians, who no longer have anything else to use.The former adviser to the Pentagon chief described Ukraine's new tactics as "very dangerous", but explained that they were resorted to because of the heavy losses they suffered during the counterattack against Russian forces.Douglas McGregor said: "The Ukrainians no longer have the ability to carry out combat missions on the ground, and they began to rely on Western intelligence, noting that this represents direct assistance from the West to Ukrainian forces." US media reported earlier that Kiev was trying to pressure Washington to acquire Atacams tactical missiles, while the Pentagon said no decision had been made.In July, Russia described plans to supply Ukraine with long-range missiles as wrong decisions that would have consequences for Kiev.A few days ago, the US State Department announced that Washington was still studying the issue of supplying Atacams long-range missiles. Ukraine demands that the United States continue to provide it with "Atacmez" missiles, which have a range of up to 300 km, although they cannot be launched by "Hemars" rocket launchers.Ukrainian forces are launching a counterattack in the directions of southern Donetsk, Artiomovsk and Zaporozhye for the fourth month so far.Kiev sent brigades trained by NATO and armed with foreign equipment, to the battle, but they were unable to achieve any results, as the Russian president pointed out. Western experts believe that fortifications and strong defensive lines established by the Russian army inflicted heavy losses on Ukrainian forces and contributed to the failure of the Ukrainian counteroffensive.