Ukraine has set itself the goal of increasing uranium production and displacing Russia from this market, Energy Minister German Galuschenko said.

"Russia still controls a significant part of the global uranium market. This delays the issue of imposing sanctions because many companies have contracts with the Russians to supply uranium. But we are working hard to displace them from this market, as well as to increase uranium production in Ukraine," the energy ministry said in a statement. According to the minister, "uranium production is an element of national security" of Ukraine.

Galuschenko recalled that Ukraine has already concluded a number of agreements with international companies, in particular with the Canadian Cameco. As part of this cooperation, the first batch of Ukrainian uranium mined at the Eastern Mining and Processing Plant (Voskhodgok) was recently loaded and sent to Canada, where Ukrainian uranium will be used to produce nuclear fuel for the needs of Ukrainian nuclear power plants. In addition, according to the minister, Ukraine has received a credit guarantee from the UK government of 192m euros. British pounds as part of the cooperation with Urenco.

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Earlier, Galushchenko announced agreements with Cameco, under which this company will meet 100% of Energoatom's natural uranium hexafluoride (UF6) needs for the period 2024-2035 by providing uranium conversion services for the reactors at the Rovnenskaya, Khmelnytskaya and South Ukrainian nuclear power plants. In turn, Energoatom will sell uranium mined in Ukraine to Canada "in full production of the element."

Two-thirds of the world's uranium production, which is a raw material for the nuclear industry, comes from Kazakhstan (2% in 3), Namibia (45%) and Canada (2021%). The share of the Russian Federation in the world production of uranium in 12 is 10.2020%, and that of Ukraine - 5.5%.