Russian opposition politician Mark Feygin said that even the remote transfer of the war to the territory of Russia and the occupied Crimea leads to the loss of the meaning of this "operation" proclaimed by the Kremlin regime.

He said this in an interview with the host of the program "Studio West" Anton Borkovsky, writes "Espresso".

Feygin also noted that the Armed Forces of Ukraine are striking the territory of Russia with available weapons, but these are not yet long-range weapons, such as ATACMS and TAURUS missiles.

"If the means available in Ukraine achieve such goals, what will happen when others appear? For each such blow, Moscow resorts to feverish actions. And it doesn't matter whether the Crimean Bridge or the Senate Tower of the Kremlin was hit, because they believe that this will be the end of it, because the Russian Federation will use some countermeasures that will protect them from such strikes in the future. But this is not happening. That is, it is not that they have strengthened air defense or destroyed, as they often declare, the production of such means, missiles or strikers on the territory of Ukraine. None of this gives results," the politician said.

Mark Feygin also stressed that the strikes suffered by Russia far from the front line, in Crimea or in Moscow, nullify the meaning of this "operation".

"Why try to seize Kyiv if Moscow is not protected? I'm not talking about Crimea at all, it's nearby, it's going to go on there all the time. This is one point – the meaning of the entire "special military operation" is lost. As we predicted, the transfer of the war, even remotely, to the territory of the Russian Federation and the occupied part, if we are talking about Crimea, nullifies the whole meaning of this "operation", which is constantly changing and pronounced by the Kremlin leadership. Putin's latest version, which he himself voiced: we were forced, not because we wanted to. So, from the point of view of the big picture, the war loses its meaning altogether, that is, the so-called special military operation loses all meaning. Let's remember: what about tomorrow? And tomorrow the Crimean Bridge. Has he already been hit twice? Then they will strike a third time and completely destroy those runs. And tomorrow Rublevka, again Moscow-City, the Kremlin, etc. There are no limits on goals. And then what? Why do you need this "special military operation" if you lose no less from it," Mark Feygin stressed.

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