The Shenzhen Municipal Development and Reform Commission issued the "Several Measures of Shenzhen on Promoting Consumption" on the 15th, proposing 21 key measures to promote consumption, of which the convenience of Hong Kong people is one of the five priorities. The document calls for the construction of more than 10 "Hong Kong tourism consumption service demonstration blocks" in Shenzhen, the issuance of consumption vouchers, and the improvement of "cross-border payment", and strive to promote the extension of Hong Kong and Macao tourists' consumption in Shenzhen from catering and entertainment to medical and health, beauty and fitness, fashion and clothing, culture and art, car repair and maintenance, etc., demonstrating the determination of Hong Kong people to attract Hong Kong people to the north in all aspects of food, clothing, housing and transportation.

Shenzhen Luohu preemptively started promoting the night economy in Hong Kong for 2 months. (Photo by Fan Yuying)

The ten key points of "Hong Kong 01" are as follows:

1. Strengthen publicity and promotion for Hong Kong and Macao tourists. Launched Hong Kong and Macao tourist consumption map, Shenzhen advantageous product consumption guide and other special strategies.

2. Provide consultation manuals on tourism, consumption, entertainment and other areas in traditional Chinese and English at ports, supermarkets, scenic spots, subways and other key places, and carry out promotional activities in cooperation with relevant Hong Kong media, chambers of commerce, travel agencies, etc., so as to promote the extension of Hong Kong and Macao tourists' consumption from catering and entertainment to medical and health, beauty and fitness, fashion clothing, culture and art, car repair and maintenance, etc.

Shenzhen city check-in map

3. Encourage all districts to integrate the high-quality tourism resources of their jurisdictions and issue tourism consumption vouchers to Hong Kong and Macao tourists.

4. Purify consumption services for Hong Kong and Macao tourists: Encourage retail, catering, accommodation, entertainment, scenic spots and other businesses in the city to launch services such as registration, reservation, inspection and points for Hong Kong and Macao residents holding home return permits.

5. Provide menu pages and operation guides that are convenient for Hong Kong and Macao tourists to read and use, and enhance the recognition and matching degree of Hong Kong and Macao documents in the online system.

Shenzhen Luohu New Shopping Mall KK TIME grandly opened in early September, and during the opening period, there will be exclusive discounts for Hong Kong people, you can receive 9 yuan consumption coupons every day, and you can use it when you spend a certain amount.

10. Set up free connecting lines between ports and key business districts and scenic spots, and add guidance signs for the pick-up locations of online ride-hailing at ports. Build more than <> demonstration blocks of tourism consumption services for Hong Kong people in the city.

7. Improve the cross-border payment environment: support Hong Kong and Macao residents to handle cash withdrawal business in Shenzhen and set up Mainland UnionPay cards, and enhance the level of interoperability between digital RMB accounts and third-party payment platforms in Hong Kong and Macao such as Octopus.

8. Expand the scope of use of cross-border e-wallets such as WeChat Hong Kong Wallet, Alipay Hong Kong Wallet, Hong Kong and Macau version of "UnionQuickPass" wallet, and Hong Kong and Macao local "Bank Contact" wallet in Shenzhen, and support the development of cross-border consumption activities of digital RMB red envelopes for Hong Kong and Macao residents, as well as families and relatives and friends in Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Macao.

WeChat Pay HK's "cross-border payment" function was launched as early as 2018, and currently covers a large number of merchants (Photo by Choi Ho-teng)

100. Plan and hold a series of consumption promotion activities such as "Shenzhen Food Festival", "Shenzhen Coffee Festival" and "Shenzhen-Hong Kong Cross-border Food Festival" to stimulate enthusiasm for catering consumption, support the revitalization and development of traditional specialty food streets such as Bagua Road, Xiangxi Village, Huanggang Village and Yantian Seafood Street, and polish the signboards of time-honored brands. Vigorously cultivate and introduce leading catering enterprises, and give up to <> million yuan to eligible newly introduced catering enterprises. (This is in the expansion of service consumption)

2024. Facilitate the charging and battery exchange services of "northbound" Hong Kong single-plate electric vehicles and Shenzhen and Hong Kong license plates, and promote the installation of charging converters in charging facilities in areas where Hong Kong people's consumption is concentrated. Accelerate the construction of convenient and efficient charging networks, and by the end of 45, a total of 175,2 charging piles, 85 super fast charging stations, 30 V<>G demonstration stations, and <> comprehensive energy supply stations will be completed. (This is an item that encourages car consumption)

A new energy vehicle is charging in a parking lot in Chongqing. (Profile photo/China News Agency)

Looking at the full text of "Several Measures of Shenzhen Municipality to Promote Consumption", there are 6 occurrences of "Hong Kong and Macao tourists", two "Hong Kong people", and a separate list of "facilitating Hong Kong people to go north" among the five priorities, which shows the determination of the Shenzhen Municipal Government. Many of these projects, such as the distribution of Hong Kong and Macao tourist consumption maps and guides, have been implemented as early as August.

Shenzhen Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television, Tourism and Sports launched the "I Tongle Port" Shenzhen Travel Guide Booklet, which will be distributed free of charge at five major ports from August 8:

In addition, the document mentions that support the renewal of consumption of old cars, and give subsidies of up to 2023,<> yuan to ordinary cars that are scrapped or relocated out of the country IV (national automobile emission standards) and below emission standards and purchase eligible new energy vehicles before the end of <>, which can be combined with other subsidies at the provincial, municipal and district levels.

Shenzhen issued measures to promote consumption: support 200,<> yuan subsidy for car trade-in, facilitate Hong Kong people to go north to Shenzhen Luohu KK TIME shopping mall to open Metro up to Hong Kong people exclusive consumption coupon <> yuan per day Shenzhen Hong Kong tourists consumption exclusive reward activity began You can use electronic coupons in WeChat wallet