Public figure and volunteer Sergei Prytula did not ignore the decision of the Basmanny Court of Moscow to sentence his ex-colleague Masha Efrosinina to seven years in prison in absentia.

On his Instagram page, Prytula devoted a separate post to this topic, in which he ridiculed the absurdity of the situation and named the real "reasons", which is why Efrosinina was sentenced to 7 years in prison. In particular, the volunteer noted that Masha is the same "terrorist" who "poked the heroes of Novorossiya in the eyes with a statuette of Lenin." Prytula also noted that Efrosinina became the "number one terrorist" according to Putinist artist Nikolai Baskov:

"Organizer of torture chambers for Orthodox babies and scruffy grandmothers! She stabbed the heroes of Novorossiya in the eyes with a statuette of Lenin. Systematically blew up the asses of the Russians! Terrorist #1 according to Kolya Baskov! Masha is a "threat to the national security of Raisi" Efrosinin!" wrote Prytula.

Masha has already reacted to this and wrote back: "Daddy, I tried!".

Serhiy Prytula about Efrosinina's "sentence" in the Russian Federation / Photo:

Her Ukrainian fans also found something to say about Efrosinina's "sentence" in Russia. Some congratulated the star on such "changes", others emphasized that, it turns out, the presenter is doing everything right:

Sergey Prytula and Masha Efrosinina

Recall that Masha Efrosinina herself recently commented on such a "verdict" from the Basmanny Court of Moscow, and also told how this "condemnation" will now affect her life.