The KALUSH band premiered a new energetic track together with the Polish artist GrubSon and Ukrainian rapper Mykola Vynar.

The artists rocked the fans with the song Lalala, in which they combined Ukrainian and Polish. As the frontman of KALUSH said, they created this track two years ago, but were waiting for the right time to show it to fans.

"This track was written more than two years ago and was waiting in the wings. As you can imagine, his time has come. The idea of the track belongs to Mykola Vynar, I offered to involve GrubSon, whom I met once in Poland at the festival. It turned out to be such a track," the rapper said.

According to the artists, in the track, they compared music to drugs, as music can really affect our mood and behavior.

"Our new fit talks about feeling addicted to music and its impact on life. It's like we compared music to drugs, because music can really affect our mood and behavior," the band says.