ChatGPT has successfully detected and diagnosed a mysterious illness of a child who has been misleading doctors for three years.

The Daily Mail writes about it.

Alex was four years old when he began to experience chronic pain, later added difficulty walking and uncontrollable mood swings. After a while, the boy stopped growing. But the doctors could not find out what the child was sick with.

The doctors did not know what was happening to the boy

His mother, Kourtney, said that the child had to take painkillers every day. Soon after the boy began to have pain, his character began to change. He became gloomy and tired, and he often had outbursts of anger. Also, his left leg began to function poorly and a severe headache appeared.

One day, Alex's mother noticed that her son was constantly chewing on something. Courtney thought that maybe the problem was his teeth and took him to the dentist. The doctor suspected that Alex might have been grinding his teeth and referred the family to a specialist, who prescribed Alex to sleep with a special mouth guard to breathe better at night. And although at first it seemed like a solution to the problem, over time more symptoms appeared.

When Courtney noticed that Alex was not growing, she took him to the pediatrician, who said that the coronavirus pandemic had negatively affected his development. Taking Alex to numerous doctor's appointments, the woman spent three years searching for answers and consulting with 17 doctors.

ChatGPT Made the Right Diagnosis

As Courtney waited for the boy from the doctor's office, she looked at his symptoms online. That's how she came up with the idea of checking the results of Alex's tests through artificial intelligence. The chatbot diagnosed a rare disease — spina bifida and a malformation of the spinal cord.

This disease is characterized by improper attachment of the spinal cord to the spinal canal, which restricts blood flow. This leads to numbness, pain, muscle weakness, and trouble controlling movements.

Fortunately, Alex had the mildest form of the disease, a hidden spina bifida, which causes a small tear in the spine but does not damage the nerve. This form is more difficult to diagnose, however, this defect can be cured with surgery.

After doctors confirmed the diagnosis of ChatGPT, Alex underwent surgery. While the child is still recovering, it is expected that the boy will quickly return to normal.

Recall that a woman who was told that she had a sore throat diagnosed herself with leukemia in time with the help of Google.