The correspondent of "Sputnik" in eastern Syria, quoting local sources in the countryside of Aleppo, reported that a group of SDF gunmen, including 3 fighters of the so-called "Women's Protection Units" (YPJ), the women's wing of the SDF forces loyal to the US army, were killed, on Friday, September 15, in an aerial targeting via a drone belonging to the Turkish forces in the countryside of Aleppo.The sources continued that during the passage of two military vehicles belonging to the SDF forces in the southern countryside of the city of Manbij, north of Aleppo province, on the road to the Al-Hatabat area in the countryside With this new aerial targeting, the number of Turkish air strikes rises to more than 48 aerial targets carried out by Turkish Air Force drones on SDF-controlled areas in northern and northeastern Syria, since the beginning of 2023, killing more than 60 militants, including SDF commanders of foreign nationalities. For the US army during the last period, from the far east of Al-Hasakah governorate through Raqqa and reaching Aleppo.