Abu Zeid said in a statement to Sky News Arabia: "There are already victims, but we have not yet seen the exact number," noting that the ministry is closely following the developments of the situation in Libya.

The Egyptian Foreign Ministry is seeking to clarify the situation with the Libyan side to obtain data on the victims, a task that faces complications in light of the interruption of communications in a large number of areas in Libya, and the destruction of main roads in them.

145 bodies of Egyptians

The official of the morgue of the medical center in Tobruk, Abdel Moneim Al-Awami, announced the arrival of 145 bodies of Egyptian workers killed by floods in Derna, eastern Libya, the most affected Libyan region by Storm "Daniel".

The Tobruk morgue also received another 155 bodies of Libyan citizens, and the number is set to increase over time, as operations to recover bodies from Derna and other affected areas continue.

The morgue faces a severe shortage of shrouds, prompting Awami to appeal to merchants in Tobruk, nearby cities and even the assistant border with Egypt to help cover the deficit.

Salim al-Diba, an officer of the Tobruk Security Directorate supervising the transfer of bodies to the morgue, revealed that all the bodies that have arrived at the morgue so far have been identified.

"The legal procedures are being completed by the Public Prosecution," al-Diba said, noting that security services on the Egyptian side will be contacted about "this tragedy", as an Egyptian plane will arrive to transport the bodies.

Dozens of Libyans and Egyptians gathered in front of the morgue, where feelings of sadness and sorrow overshadowed them, and Libyans gathered a large number of shrouds to help the morgue, witnesses confirmed to Sky News Arabia.