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Model Kristin Ilieva is struggling with the consequences of a very serious crash, after which she survived five years ago. Her legs were broken in dozens of places, and so far she has gone through more than dozens of operations. Every accident on the road takes her back to the moment she starts her second life.

"Five and a half years later, I still can't bend my right leg. For over 40 days I stood with an open wound and a broken hip bone. This has had an impact to this day. I had a lot of breaks," said the NOVA model in "In Focus".

Several times, Christine is on the brink of life and death. "I am grateful to the doctors in Turkey who fixed me because I might not have had a leg," she revealed.

The model remembers everything from the crash. "To this day, all this trauma affects me. Sometimes I dream. When I find out about another crash, I feel nauseous, I experience it because I'm very sensitive."

"The worst ten days of my life were those spent in intensive care. There you see things you can't forget. "Sleep is impossible," she explains.

The crashed Kristin Ilieva is no longer afraid to drive

Christine has already undergone almost 40 surgeries and more is yet to come. "It took me five years to realize that this is already me and that this is my body. I've accepted every single scar. He stays with me for the rest of his life. I'm proud because it's something that makes me even stronger and proves how strong I was."

"It was hard to look in the mirror. To this day, it's hard for me. This is a daily battle. It's hard to accept your body that way. About half a year ago, however, something broke in me. I told myself that I could no longer be the girl who would hide her scars all her life and be ashamed to walk and limp. It can't be that way indefinitely," she said.

Christine says she is still in pain: "They are getting stronger and stronger. My right leg is an inch and a half shorter. When you can't bend your knee, and you have a difference in the centimeters, it puts a strain on the spine, which becomes bent, and the pelvis starts to hurt a lot," says the model. He also likes to go to hikes and concerts.

For her, the worrying thing is that attention is paid to the problem only after there is a brutal catastrophe. "The fact that people are getting drunk is because the state allows it in some way. It's clear that when you are stopped, you can deal with the police, which should not be the case."

Kristin Ilieva