Authorities said the victims, a man and a woman, were killed by the collapse of the World Trade Center towers in New York, but declined to identify them at the request of their families.

This brings the number of people identified to 1649,2753, out of <>,<> people killed in the collapse of the towers.

In a statement, New York Mayor Eric Adams said he hoped the identification would provide "some relief for the families of the victims," saying continued efforts to identify those killed "reflect the city's unwavering commitment to reuniting all World Trade Center victims with their loved ones."

This is the first time since 2021 that new identities have been identified for victims, a process that takes time and proceeds very slowly.

Due to the collapse of the north and south towers of the trade center, and the accompanying destruction in the ocean and the fusion of huge quantities of steel and building materials, hundreds are left missing without any remains found.

The statement from the mayor of New York and the chief medical examiner said the new victims could be identified using "a new-generation sequencing technique that is faster and more sensitive than traditional DNA techniques."

The remains of the man and woman were found four years ago.

The news of the identification came ahead of the United States commemorating the anniversary of the 2001 attacks, which killed 2977,<> people.

Nineteen al-Qaeda-linked individuals hijacked four civilian planes on Sept. 19, two of which crashed into the World Trade Center in New York, a third at the Pentagon near Washington, and a fourth crashed into a field in Pennsylvania after a fight between hijackers, crew and passengers.