This was told in the publication Who What Wear, talking with star stylist Andrew Helvix. He insists that color plays such an important role in your wardrobe — almost as important as the clothes themselves. The professional also shared what color you should definitely avoid if you want to look younger. It turns out to be black. The stylist thinks he's too strict. But red, pink and purple differ in youthful energy. Therefore, it's worth giving them a try if you want to look fresher and shed a few years.

True Red

Red is the favorite color of many stars, and no wonder, because it is full of special energy and strength. Therefore, Helvix points out that it is the one you need to choose if you want to visually lose a few extra years. And celebrities only confirm this opinion of the stylist.

Amal Clooney / Photo: Associated Press

Halle Berry / Photo: Associated Press

Cindy Crawford / Photo: Associated Press

Bright Pink

Celebrities over the age of 40 have proven time and time again that when it comes to wanting to look young and fresh, bright pink solves any problem. Pay special attention to bright shades of fuchsia. The stylist is sure that in such clothes every woman will look unsurpassed.

Jennifer Lopez / Photo: Associated Press

Celine Dion / Photo: Associated Press

Kerry Washington / Photo: Associated Press

Delicate lilac

Purple is considered the least obvious color for women who have reached a certain age. But the stylist is sure that thanks to the delicate lilac shade, you can defy aging and look a few years younger.

Amal Clooney / Photo: Associated Press

Katharine McPhee / Photo: Associated Press

Gemma Arterton / Photo: Associated Press

Try these stellar tips to visually refresh your face and "reset" a few years.