Ukrainian actress Natalka Denysenko showed what she looks like without a single drop of makeup.

The celebrity got in touch with fans in Instagram stories in the morning and showed up in bed. Natalka posed in her pajamas, lying down after sleeping, and smiled happily at the camera. The actress, without hesitation, showed off her face without filters and makeup.

"Good morning. My day began with pleasant surprises," Denisenko signed a smiling selfie.

Natalka Denysenko / Photo:

The actress also shared a cute photo with her five-year-old son Andriy. The celebrity shared important news for the boy, it turns out that the other day one of his milk teeth fell out, which makes him very happy.

"Andrew can't get enough of his fallen tooth," the actress shared.

Natalka Denysenko / Photo:

Recently, Natalka Denysenko frankly answered questions about her earnings during the war. The star of the series admitted whether her income fell due to the full-scale invasion.