Joe Biden leaves US to attend G-20 summit

US President Joe Biden has left for India to attend the G-20 Summit. He will reach Delhi on Friday evening. The US President will try to take full advantage of increasing America's influence amid the absence of the leaders of China and Russia. Joe Biden will try to show at the G-20 summit in India that Washington is a better partner than Beijing and Moscow on major international issues.

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Joe Biden to visit Vietnam after Delhi

Russia's war in Ukraine and deep divisions over how to help emerging countries tackle climate change are expected to hamper the deal during the two-day meeting in Delhi. Let us know that US President Joe Biden will also go to Vietnam after India. He will travel to Vietnam on Sunday after attending the G-20. The relationship between the US and Vietnam is expected to strengthen to push back China, which is becoming increasingly assertive.

Let us know that Joe Biden has left From Joint Base Andrews near Washington, USA and he will reach India on Friday evening. In a briefing before the summit, White House National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan said that President Biden is going to join the G20. He is committed to working with emerging markets and partners to bring big things together. "We are confident that this is what the world will see in New Delhi," he said.

US President Biden departs for India to attend G20 Summit

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US President to arrive in India today

The White House said that US President Joe Biden has received permission to travel after his corona report came negative before going to India. On Monday, his wife was found to be corona infected. But on Thursday, the US President's corona report has been found negative, after which he has left for India to participate in the G-20.

Let us know that the heads of many major countries of the world are reaching India. But in the meantime, the Chinese President will not attend the G-20 conference. In fact, China is not attending this conference amid the ongoing tension with the US and India. Joe Biden last week expressed disappointment over Jinping not attending the G-20 summit. However, with China not joining, the US has a golden opportunity to increase Washington's influence.

Xi Jinping and Putin distance themselves from G-20

Biden will push for plans to increase the World Bank and IMF's lending power to emerging countries to nearly $200 billion, especially as a better alternative to Beijing's "forcible" Belt and Road initiative, according to information provided by White House officials. The Kremlin said on Thursday that Russian President Vladimir Putin would not even have a video address at the G20 amid strained relations between Moscow and the West over Ukraine.

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