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What happened during the flood on the southern Black Sea coast is an occasion to improve the country's preparation for dealing with crises. This is what the former caretaker prime minister and leader of "Bulgarian rise" Bulgarian rise commented in Veliko Tarnovo as a national conservative political party, but "Stefan Yanev" By decree of President Rumen Radev of May 12, 2021, Stefan Yanev was appointed caretaker.

"The preparation and coordination of the various state institutions for dealing with crises are more in words and less in deeds," he said.

"At the moment, it's a matter of coordination, a matter of possibilities. I do not think that we should be infinitely critical, because at the moment there are structures, people specialists, who work on the spot. Every crisis is also an opportunity to find the right lessons and implement the right reforms so that in the next such crisis we will be more prepared and God forbid it will pass without human victims," Yanev said.

Here are the actions taken by the Ministry of Interior on the territory of the affected by the flood settlements

In Veliko Tarnovo, the leader of the party "Bulgarian rise" Bulgarian rise defines himself as a national conservative political party, but "presented the candidates for mayors of the municipalities of Veliko Tarnovo – lawyer Ventsislav Fotti, of Gorna Oryahovitsa Daniel Spasov, of Elena Petar Dimitrov and of Lyaskovets Rumen Karageurov.

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