The newspaper quoted "Ajel", Al-Hazmi, as saying that "security men in all their security sectors, address this targeting firmly and strongly," expressing his appreciation for "the role of citizens and residents in reporting drug smuggling operations that resulted in thwarting many operations," according to the newspaper.Saudi Arabia, which is the largest economy in the Arab world and one of the largest countries exposed to waves of smuggling drug "Captagon" in the Middle East, continues its great campaign against drugs, since the end of last April, and during That campaign, a Saudi security man was killed in raids and chases for drug dealers, and a large number of promoters and users were arrested, and this campaign comes after the resumption of efforts to combat drugs in the Kingdom.It is noteworthy that the Saudi border guards, had thwarted attempts to smuggle about 36 tons of narcotic khat and 1.5 tons of hashish.For his part, Colonel Misfer Al-Quraini confirmed that "the ground patrols of the border guards arrested those involved in smuggling these narcotic substances," pointing out "The preliminary legal procedures against them have been completed, and they and the smugglers have been handed over to the competent authority," he said.