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We celebrate the memory of the holy martyrs Romil and Eudoxius. They lived at different times. Romil was the head of the guard under Emperor Trajan. At the beginning of the 2nd century, the ruler went with an army to the east to pacify some rebellious tribes. It was brought to him, however, that there were many thousands of Christians in his army.

Enraged, the emperor ordered them to be stripped of their military rank and exiled to the Armenian city of Mélitin (now Malatya in eastern Turkey). But Romil appeared to the emperor, who pointed out that the exile of so many soldiers would greatly reduce the strength of the army. At the same time, he openly and fearlessly told him that he himself was a Christian.

The ruthless emperor immediately ordered that Romil be tortured until he renounced his faith. But torture did not break the valiant Christian and warrior. Then Trajan ordered him to be beheaded. All the Christian soldiers were exiled. Thousands of them were crucified. The rest died from the torture. Although nameless, their memory has since been cherished in the Church.

We celebrate the memory of the Reverend Moses Murin

Saint Eudoxius was a senior officer under Emperor Diocletian. As a convinced Christian, he did not hide his Christian faith, but in order to protect his family from another persecution, he retired to a village in Asia Minor and there he was an example to everyone with his kindness and sacrifice. And when the governor of the city learned that Eudoxius, undisturbed, was confessing faith in Christ among the natives, he sent to be captured, so that he would not set an example for others.

He was offered to renounce his faith in order to preserve his life. Eudoxius resolutely refused and again boldly declared that he believed in Jesus Christ who rose to the dead. There were thousands of other confessors in the army. Therefore, it was decided to punish only the warlords. Among them was the doxious Eudoxius, as his name translates. This happened in 311.