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The Bulgarian infrastructure is not adequate to our climate. Climate change means a higher risk of extreme events. We can expect more serious and more frequent rainfall in the future.

This is what the Minister of Environment and Water Julian Popov, Minister of Environment and Water in the caretaker government of Marin Raykov, said for "Hello, Bulgaria".

"There is one other victim besides the two identified yesterday, but I cannot confirm with certainty. Three people were missing yesterday. Before the analysis is completed, I would refrain from blaming one person or factor for the floods. We are talking about a complex of factors - a large amount of precipitation, reaction to warnings, as well as construction, "he explained.

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According to him, Bulgaria does not fund scientific research.

"In order for research to be developed, it must be provided financially. There are technological issues to be resolved so that there can be a more accurate identification of the risk of flooding, "the minister said.

Julian Popov



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