In 2020, Swiss companies expressed interest in participating in the reconstruction process in these areas and applying their innovation and skills.

The EPA reports that Switzerland's interim affairs lawyer in Azerbaijan said this at a ceremony dedicated to Switzerland's National Day.

He said that he had been serving as a temporary affairs lawyer in Azerbaijan for six months and had the opportunity to travel to Azerbaijan as a temporary affairs lawyer and to get acquainted with the country's rich culture and people.

'Our peoples are different but we also have common sides. Our countries are multicultural, we have strong neighbors, our history is remembered for its search for independence. Both countries have a rich nature and our countries are attracting tourists," said a Swiss diplomat.

He said that Azerbaijan's tourism prospects promise the future.
The diplomat, who touched on economic ties between the two countries, said there were opportunities for the development, deepening of those ties: "There has been an increase in mutual investment and trade flows since the pandemic and it's gratifying, but I think we can do more in that direction."

He has said Swiss companies have expressed interest in working in the reconstruction process in liberated areas and applying their innovations here.

He recalled that Azerbaijan's SOCAR company has fuel centers in Switzerland.

"We highly value our cooperation with Azerbaijan," he stressed.