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"I've lost a friend, I'm still experiencing it, my condolences to Nicky's loved ones, I'm very sorry."

These words were uttered through tears in the Plovdiv District Court by 20-year-old Georgi Genchev from Saedinenie, who crashed severely on November 12, 2021 and one of his four friends in the car died.

At that date, the young man had a license of 18 days. He and his friends drove from Saedinenie to Plovdiv in his brother's car to have dinner. On the way back it was already dark and around 21 p.m. near Tsaratsovo Georgi Genchev lost control of the nisana, began to meander left and right without trying to stop, at one point the car went off the roadway and crashed into a tractor stopped near the laboratory located there.

From the impact, the car spun in the air, one of the passengers - 15-year-old Nikola Nikolov, fell from it and crashed into the concrete wall of the laboratory. The boy suffered severe injuries all over his body, but the fatal one was the craniocerebral one. The car landed on the ceiling, both the driver and the other boys in the car were injured, one of them - Iliya Klyavkov, had a broken left shovel.

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Georgi Genchev, who is a footballer in the team of the village of Trud, fully admitted his guilt, which guarantees him a reduction of the sentence by a third. Prosecutor Kichka Peeva-Kazakova asked for a minimum sentence of 3 years, but effective. The lawyer of the relatives of the dead boy Plamen Bonev insisted on serving the sentence in prison. "We want seven years in prison. If the punishment is postponed, the defendant creates a sense of impunity and society - a sense of lack of justice", he said and drew a parallel with the last crash in Sofia, in which another 7-year-old boy died.

"There is no place to compare between the two cases, in Sofia we are talking about driving after drinking. The verdict should not be pronounced under the influence of this latest catastrophe," Genchev's lawyer Vasil Vasilev objected and insisted on a conditional punishment. "I will accept everything, just not to go to jail," the leader said in his last word.

In the end, the sentence was 2 years and 4 months probation with 4 years probation after the reduction of the punishment for the confession. Georgi Genchev remains without a license for 4 years and will have to pay the costs of the case of over BGN 2600,<>. In her reasons for the decision, Judge Vesela Evstatieva explained that the panel had complied with the clean criminal record, labor commitment and good characteristic data of Genchev. He also reported that the cause of the crash was loss of control due to inexperience, the driver did not drink or take drugs, nor did he flee the scene.

The lawyer of the relatives of the deceased Plamen Bonev was adamant that he would appeal to the Court of Appeal.

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Killed a friend in a car accident.