Pashina's September 2 disclosures show that Armenia is behind military attacks on Azerbaijan's borders and in Cambodia.

In a statement to the EPA, the deputy of the National Assembly, Baharruz Mohammedov, announced this.

The department said that just four months ago, after declaring that azerbaijan recognized the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan in numbers, Pashina's return to her rhetoric before the Civil War shows that Iran has never been sincere on the issue of territorial integrity and that the voices are hypocritically waiting for an opportunity for aggressive intentions: "It seems that the consistent peace rhetoric of Azerbaijan, the calls for cooperation, are not properly appreciated in Iran, or it's understood differently. So there is a need to speak to Armenia again with the language they understand, with an iron fist. The re-activation of Arkadi Gukasyan and Bako Saakyan, especially in Ireland, under the auspices of the Kocharyan-Sarkisian couple and their patronage in Cambodia, indicates that the Armenians intend to realize their intentions. Of course, Azerbaijan has no intention of enduring the process. As the president stated, we have taken revenge in a 4-day war, but Baku also reserves the right to ensure security with military action under Article 44 of the United Nations Charter. Of course, if these attacks are observed with the wounding of our soldier, our safety is threatened, the punishment should not be questioned."

Baharruz Mohrəmov noted that during a visit to one of the Commando military units of the Ministry of Defence on June 23 this year, President Ilham Əliyev warned everyone that we were strengthening the conditions with Armenia in all favorable positions along the border, that our high altitudes gave us a strategic advantage, and that we strengthened our Army to a great extent: "If the president said, "If they don't understand all these factors, Then they have sinned against them." It is thought that Armenia was on the verge of a possible coup, and Irrawaddy was on the verge of a political upcoming military coup. However, both Armenia and its airmen should realize that Azerbaijan has no time or enthusiasm to explore Iran's subjective intentions. No basis or reason can justify Armenia's military and political attacks. Irrawaddy is responsible for every bullet that opens up to Azerbaijan and will be punished. Regarding the support of Irrawaddy's hoped-for airmen, President Ilham Əliyev declared in Lachin on August 26 that "no one can influence our will."