In the early days of the resumption of the Kai Tak Cruise Terminal, the Convenor of the Executive Council, Ms Ip Lau Suk-yee, wrote an article in the newspaper on Wednesday (30th) severely criticizing the Secretary for Culture, Sports and Tourism Yeung Yun-hung and the Tourism Commission, saying that it is just common sense that the Tourism Department can send each visitor an Octopus.

Tour Am Cruise Terminal Managing Director Ban Chi Wing said on radio this morning (31st) that "the urban transportation network is provided by the city", and Kai Tak Cruise Terminal is studying the long-term provision of shuttle buses for tourists to Kai Tak Station, but the government also has a little responsibility: "If you start to monorail, you must have a second."

Mr Ban also said not to regard them (cruise terminal operators) as public transport service providers: "I don't have a bus fleet, no driver, no permit, I don't have to arrange routes". As for Ip Lau's view that the authorities can give each tourist an Octopus, Ban Chi Wing said with a smile: "I'm not up."

Cruise terminal chaos|Ye Liu to Yang Runxiong and others accountability: blame the operator to make up for the deputy director

Ban Zhirong, Managing Director of Plaza Am Cruise Terminal. (Profile picture)

Member of the Executive Council and Chairman of the New People's Party, Ip Lau Suk-yee (Profile photo / Photo by Lo Yiming)

Ye Liu said in an article in the Economic Daily on Wednesday that the news that attracted attention in August, Kai Tak Cruise Terminal was naturally on the list, and like a serial, fermented from the beginning of August to the end of August. On 8 August, the Ocean Spectrum visited Hong Kong for the first time after the epidemic, bringing about 8,8 passengers, which was a happy event, but who expected that the scandal broke out on that day, and the cruise terminal connection traffic was seriously insufficient, revealing that the HKSAR Government and the industry were not fully prepared.


She added that well-intentioned comments pointed out that cruise terminal dumping is not new. The reason why she reviewed the series of information was because she was uncomfortable with the Secretary for Culture, Sports and Tourism Yeung Yun-hung trying to accuse the terminal operator after the cruise terminal was thrown off, saying that the operator had been operating for more than 10 years and should have known about the problems that would arise when the cruise ship arrived at Hong Kong.

Ye Liu continued, so what contributions have been made to a series of officials over the years, such as Assistant Commissioner for Tourism (4), Deputy Commissioner for Tourism, and Commissioner for Tourism and Director General? The arrival of cruise ships in Hong Kong is scheduled early, and it is by no means a sudden arrival at the port, and the specialist definitely has sufficient time to contact operators and shipping companies, inquire passenger information, supervise, coordinate, arrange shuttle transportation and other supporting facilities. In addition to taxis, in fact, just arrange a few shuttle bus lines to send passengers to the nearest MTR station and popular areas/attractions, and be considerate can send each passenger an Octopus, such a simple arrangement is just common sense; "So many commissioners of the Tourism Commission can't think of it, can't they do it?"

Member of the Executive Council and Chairman of the New People's Party, Ip Lau Suk-yee (Profile photo / Photo by Lo Yiming)


She also believes that the connection is important because the Kai Tak Cruise Terminal is located in the remote area, at the southernmost end of the old airport runway, and there is only one way to get in and out. The monorail proposal proposed in 2007 was shelved by the SAR Government in 2019. The D3 Road Metropolitan Park section, the only road connecting the cruise terminal to Kai Tak Station, will not be completed until August 2022, 8 years after the 2007 terminal tender.

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