Former presenter Yuri Kot was once a favorite among the Ukrainian audience. He worked in Ukrainian projects and hosted various shows.

However, when the Revolution of Dignity began, when Russia annexed Crimea and unleashed a war in Donbas, Yuriy Kot unexpectedly supported the aggressor country.

The editors of offer to find out how the presenter betrayed Ukraine, fled to Russia, became an ardent Putinist and actively began to play along with Russian propaganda, spreading various fakes about Ukrainians.

Yuri Kot / Photo: screenshot from video

Yuriy Kot is a native of Zhytomyr. He was born in the family of an actor and teacher of Ukrainian language and literature. The scandalous presenter himself graduated from Zhytomyr Pedagogical Institute and Kyiv Theater Institute.

Kot began his career in Zhytomyr, where he worked as an announcer on local radio. Fame to the scandalous presenter brought "Inter", where he was the brand voice of the channel from 1999 to 2011.

Yuri Kot / Photo: screenshot from video

In particular, during his career in Ukraine, Kot was the host of such projects as "National Lottery", "All for You", "Light", "Wedding for You" and others. Remarkably, the scandalous Cat spoke Ukrainian.

When the Revolution of Dignity began in Ukraine, the presenter unexpectedly surprised with his position. He became the host of the so-called Anti-Maidan. When Russia annexed Crimea Ukrainian the peninsula, Kot supported the actions of the aggressor country. Also, the presenter did not hide his admiration that the war had begun in eastern Ukraine.

Yuri Kot / Photo: screenshot from video

The traitor Yuri Kot has been living in Russia since 2014. Almost immediately after moving to the aggressor country, the presenter began to play along with Russian propaganda, spread fake news about Ukraine and promote Russian narratives.

Yuriy Kot began working on Russian TV channels, conducting programs in which he covered Ukrainians in a negative light. In addition, he was one of the organizers of the pro-Russian propaganda march "Immortal Regiment".

Yuri Kot / Photo: screenshot from video

When Russia launched a full-scale invasion, the controversial presenter began to play more along with Russian propaganda. He created a Telegram channel where he glorifies the crimes of the occupiers on Ukrainian lands, spreads fake news about the war and actively supports Russia.

For this position, Yuri Kot was charged with treason in 2022. According to the article brought against the presenter, he faces up to 15 years in prison.

Yuri Kot / Photo: screenshot from video

We will remind, recently the actress from the film "Caucasian Captive" Natalia Varley for the first time commented on the war in Ukraine. The actress expressed her position on the invasion of Russia into the territory of an independent country.