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A public discussion of the budget of Plovdiv for 2023 will be held today in the hall of the Municipal Council of the city.

With just over $650 million. Lv. It is expected to deploy Plovdiv for this year.

The largest financial item of the budget is for education – nearly BGN 330 million, followed by state and local activities, health and social policy.

Nearly BGN 160 million have been set aside for capital expenditures, another almost BGN 100 million are provided by Europe. It is envisaged that the money will complete the infrastructure projects that have begun.

Work will be done on Golyamokonarsko Shose, the repairs of the streets in "West", on Tsarigradsko shose Str. "Dame Gruev", kindergartens and stadiums of "Botev" and "Lokomotiv".

The budget of the Municipality of Pleven is discussed

The cleanliness budget amounts to nearly 50m euros. BGN 12.5 million are allocated for culture. About $30 million. Lv. are for the organization and control of transport.

Plovdiv's financial framework is expected to be voted on in early September.

Discussion of budget