Ali Asghar Khaji, senior adviser to the Iranian Foreign Minister for special political affairs, said during an interview with Al-Masirah channel that "the Islamic Republic of Iran will respect any decision taken by the Yemeni people," stressing that "no country may interfere in the internal affairs of Yemen and that the fate of the Yemeni people is decided by the Yemeni people themselves." The interference of external powers in the internal affairs of Yemen, pointing out that "the presence of foreign forces in Yemen did not provide any service to the Yemeni people, but caused killing, destruction and terrorism in Yemen," calling for the withdrawal of foreign military forces from Yemen.The Yemeni group "Ansar Allah" announced "arrangements for a new round of negotiations with the Saudi-led Arab coalition, mediated by the Sultanate of Oman," and described it as "decisive" on the humanitarian file.The head of the Supreme Political Council of the "Ansar Allah" group in Yemen, Mahdi Al-Mashat, Last April, an Omani delegation sponsored talks in Sana'a, between the Yemeni group "Ansar Allah" and an official Saudi delegation headed by the Kingdom's ambassador to Yemen, Mohammed Al Jaber, which lasted 6 days, discussing the humanitarian file, the ceasefire in Yemen, and the start of a comprehensive Yemeni political process. Since September 2, the Yemeni Ansar Allah has controlled most of the governorates in central and northern Yemen, including the capital Sana'a, while on March 6, 2014, a Saudi-led Arab coalition launched military operations in support of the Yemeni army to retake those areas from the group's grip.